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Beirut Prints.

Fall 2011. David Hury publishes Beirut on listening to Amers editions, having in mind to make a 2nd volume including the photos of other photographers. He talks about it around him.

Winter 2011. He publishes a first series of 28 posters available in bookstores and in various points of sale in Lebanon. Seven photographers are in the game.

Spring 2012. He is launching a virtual gallery via the website (now offline) where collectors can order limited edition prints from Beirut photographers online. You can find the collection of images here on Pinterest .

Spring 2013. Beirut Prints brings together 20 photographers, Lebanese and foreigners, having as a common point having produced images featuring Beirut, far from the clichés and received ideas that Beirut drags like a ball ...

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Beirut Prints then began its activity as a photographers' agent, offering its services to interior design agencies to include the production of our photographers in design projects.

Fall 2014. Beirut Prints joins Tamyras publishing house for the production of The Beirut Book . At the same time, David Hury is launching a series of t-shirts inspired by the project, available online here .

Spring 2015. The final step of The Beirut Book project, David Hury launches into the production of unique pieces, enamelled metal plates (40x60cm).

Winter 2016. The enamel signs are presented in Paris, during the exhibition

Summer 2017. David Hury puts an end to the Beirut Prints adventure. The website is no longer online. You can find part of the archives on
the blog which was kept during the Lebanese years.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Beirut Prints spin-offs

They have taken different forms. So it started with the t-shirts on the Zazzle online store (still available), with the creation of a book, The Beirut Book , then with the creation of enamel signs.

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