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Quiet days in Beirut.

Released: March 2009

Co-author: Nathalie Bontems

Preface by Antoine Sfeir

Riveneuve Editions (Paris, France)

204 pages

12cm x 17.5cm

ISBN: 978-2914214629

Summer 2006. The July war breaks out without anyone seeing it coming. On the advice of the editor of 20 Minutes , Nathalie Bontems and I open a blog, Chroniques beyrouthines , on which we talk about everything. Of the war of course, since it is because of it that we started to write. And many other things. Politics, music, sexuality, relations with their cumbersome neighbors, religion, theater, attacks ... Everything is mixed.

At the same time, Gilles Kraemer published with RIveneuve Quiet Days in Ramallah , a collection of chronicles on the three years he lived in Palestine. He suggests that we enrich the collection. The material is there, with the blog texts. We take six months to select the texts, to rewrite them ...

March 2009. Quiet Days in Beirut , prefaced by Antoine Sfeir , is presented in preview at the Brussels and Paris book fairs ... before heading to Beirut.

May 2009. Nathalie and I are launching the book as part of Beirut World Book Capital, with a reading at the Mar Mikhaël train station . I invite you to listen to the reading made that day, it still moves me as much.

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