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Mustapha goes to war (in pictures).

Series of 12 photographs each representing a chapter of the novel "Mustapha goes to war" , released in September 2021 by Riveneuve editions.
Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Décembre 1961 David Hury

December 1961

In this 1st chapter, I speak of violence, raids by cops and shards of glass a few seconds after an attack by the OAS rue Mouffetard, in Paris.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Janvier 1929 David Hury

January 1929

In this 2nd chapter, I talk about the delicious dates of the oasis of Figuig, on the edge of the Sahara. And a scorpion sting.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Février 1944 David Hury

February 1944

In this 3rd chapter, I talk about the fall of a Resistance network in Paris, an attempt to escape and an arrest on the metro platform.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Mars 1951 David Hury

March 1951

In this 4th chapter, I talk about punters at Auteuil, the new pink tickets of the RATP and the first Parisian organizations to fight for the independence of Morocco and Algeria.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Avril 1938 David Hury

April 1938

In this 5th chapter, I speak of the apricot pastries of an Algeria plagued by the French extreme right and of dreams of a great departure in the port of Oran aboard the Djebel Amour.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Mai 1959 David Hury

May 1959

In this 6th chapter, I speak of support networks for FLN activists and the false papers of the famous forger Adolfo Kaminsky.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Juin 1941 David Hury

June 1941

In this 7th chapter, I speak of the lamps marking out the parachuting grounds of the intelligence agents of Free France in occupied Normandy, and of the first glass of alcohol swallowed by Mustapha.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Juillet 1931 David Hury

July 1931

In this 8th chapter, I speak of the Colonial Exposition of the Porte Dorée in Paris and its sumptuous scenes of an empire on the verge of collapse.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Août 1944 David Hury

August 1944

In this 9th chapter, I speak of an incredible (but true) escape from the FFI during the week of insurrection at the Ile de la Cité police headquarters in Paris.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Septembre 1939 David Hury

September 1939

In this 10th chapter, I speak of the months of waiting of the French slums before the start of the fighting, the brown tobacco of their unfiltered cigarettes and the announced debacle.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre Octobre 1947 David Hury

October 1947

In this 11th chapter, I talk about the power struggles within the French secret service and Kid Marcel's boxing fight at the Wagram room.

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre 12 Novembre 1962 David Hury

November 1962

In this 12th chapter, I speak of the Algerian war which is not over for everyone and of a deadly shooting.

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