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david hury,7 jours parmi les anges,Amazon
7 days among the angels.

Preface by Salah Stétieh

Co-edition ALBA / Antoine / Sesobel (Beirut, Lebanon)

304 pages

16.5cm x 23.5cm

ISBN: 978-9953734613

Fall 2011. In the company of Alain Brenas, director of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (Alba), I visit the Lebanese association Sesobel , on the heights of Jounieh, in order to prepare a shooting session of photo students of the Alba. The president of the association, Fadia Safi, launches the idea of ​​making a book for the 35 years of her institution.

Winter 2011. The idea matures. The students produce beautiful images.

Spring 2012. With Eliane Rached, responsible for the association's volunteers, I carry out around sixty interviews. Therapists, parents, children, doctors, members of the association, everything goes. I discover a gallery of endearing characters, an unusually separate world ...

Summer 2012. I write the book in 25 days. La Librairie Antoine joins the project for future distribution.

Fall 2012. The long work of proofreading and rewriting begins. At the same time, I am working, with the Alba and the French Institute in Beirut, on a photo exhibition. At the same time, Salah Stétié, Lebanese poet living in France, lends himself to the game of the preface.

Winter 2012. Launch of the book 7 days among the angels at the same time as the exhibition of the work of Fine Arts students, at the French Institute in Beirut, rue de Damas.

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